18 Proofs Why Some of Our Designers Need a Break

We adore our fans and want to share a lot of amusing content with them. This essay contains 18 examples of why certain designers deserve to take a rest. Let's have a look.

This was discovered in an antique shop in San Francisco.

“In my neighborhood, there's this mailbox.”

Elegant but painful …

 A Louis Vuitton garage

When rings and other jewelry are no longer enough

This is a long Furby made by a coworker.

A message from another world

 The bathroom floor in this restaurant is just awful

Seats in Belgium that are comfortable

Are these the worst bathroom style blunders you've ever seen?

This public restroom's color.

Just a statue of a boy helping a girl looking at the fish in the water

Oh good, I didn’t want to misplace it!

I feel like this is meant to be inclusive but…

Anatomically correct spiderman

These benches…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible. But I like it a little …

 Is it a cat or a rabbit?

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