12 Photos That Prove Dogs Are Still Puppies On The Inside

When a dog reaches adulthood, its owner starts to regard it as an adult. However, the dog is not always willing to accept this condition. we found proof that every dog secretly wishes to be the puppy that its owner once adored.

1. Our dog saw a mouse on the floor and refuses to come down.

2. I can't bring myself to tell him he's no longer a puppy.

3. If I don't pet my dog immediately, he gets someone else to pet him then stares at me to see if I'm jealous.

4. Once a puppy, always a puppy.

5. My dog became scared when her fur was shaved off, so dad had to calm her down for a long time.

6. He's not a cat but he's my buddy, done this since he was a puppy, and him still first.

7. You are very heavy.

8. My sister's dog sometimes forgets she is no longer a puppy.

9. We're going on an adventure!

10. He can remain calm in the car only if I hold his paw.

11. Scared dog at fire drill.

12. Beware of dog!

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