16 people who have lost so much weight that even their own mother will not recognize them now

Being overweight can seriously affect your health. Obesity often leads to heart and vascular problems, type 2 diabetes, and musculoskeletal diseases. It is possible to avoid these risks by bringing the weight back to normal.

We are sure that their photos will serve as motivation for those who are also going to lose a few pounds. Just remember to choose a diet and exercise plan with your doctor.

1. "Threw off 27 kg"

2. "From 122 to 63 kg in 14 months"

3. "Weight before - 181 kg, after - 77 kg"

4. "Thanks to the keto diet, intermittent fasting, and going to the gym, I lost 95 kg."

5. "Weight before - 86 kg, after - 75 kg"

6. "The difference is 39 kg"

7. "A year ago, this jumpsuit was small for me."

8. "Finally I can publish my photos without filters!"

9. Another impressive result

10. "A year of hard work on yourself"

11. "I can't believe this is my new face!"

12. "Lost 19 kg in a year"

13. "In 2020, I became 45 kg lighter."

14. "A year has passed"

15. "Was 98 kg, now 62 kg"

16. 27 kg lighter

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