16 rare things that most people see once in a lifetime, and even then with luck

In everyday life, we rarely experience an explosion of emotions when we see something like that. But we are sure that if each of us came across the things listed in the article, be it a huge ice sheet that looks like a sculpture created by nature itself, or a whole city built around a giant hole in the ground, then we definitely would not have resisted and gasped ...

We believe that the ability to admire rare phenomena and things helps us to keep a part of childhood inside when we were ready to look at the world with wide-open eyes. And here is a new reason for you to experience this sensation again.

1. Ice sheet imprint

2. This is how a very rare giraffe with dwarfism looks like: its height is 2.7 m, and the  growth of an ordinary giraffe is on average 6m

3. The expression “live in a hole” in France has a different meaning. We present to you the picturesque " Bozul hole "  - a gorge with a diameter of 400 m and a depth of 100m

4. A small bonsai apple tree grows regular-sized apples

5. A butterfly with  gynandromorphism: the left half of the body is a female, the right half is a male

6. The last piece of summer

7. Mushroom of a very unusual color - blue milkman

8. There is a crater on Mars, which is called the "happy face" because of the resemblance to a smiley

9. Christmas tree and its "Christmas tree"

10. "I came to visit my mother, and she has this outside the window"

11. This is the same horse 5 years apart. Some horses are born black and slowly turn gray.

12. This "cosmic dumpling" is a satellite of Saturn, Pan

13. Meteorite in the sun

14. Underwater statue "Ocean Atlas" in the Bahamas

15. Chickens are like that

16. This dragonfly imprint on limestone is 150 million years old.

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