15 People Have Used Makeup to Enhance Their Appearance

For at least 7,000 years, makeup has been a part of our lives. There's no doubt that painting your face can be considered a form of art, whether it's for concealing flaws, enhancing a beauty attribute, or even as a form of self-expression.

Here is my transformation: From a cute boy to a sexy baddie

Summery-inspired day look, before and after.

Before and After. My everyday makeup look.

Before and After Everyday Look. CCW!

Before & After My Natural Eid Look

Before and After - Soft Glam

I have never posted my totally naked face here (and rarely anywhere), but I'm always trying to increase my accountability to being real on social media, especially in a new year! Before and after this sunny, blown outlook

30 weeks pregnant and hadn’t done my makeup in a hot second. A little before and after today motivated me.

Before and After of my Daily Dewy Face Routine

I nervous to post but wanted to share my every day before and after :)

I’m living for this 80’s inspired makeup I did.

Before and after. First-time poster and makeup I did for an interview today! 

Before and after: Blue Halo Eye

My 38-year-old self before and after getting ready for a party. This is why I love makeup!

Before and after my no-makeup look
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