15 Instances Reddit Customers Exclaimed “What’s Incorrect With My Dog”

Some animals have grace and magnificence. Nicely, for higher or for worse, canines will not be identified for this at all. Furthermore, typically our 4-legged canine companions begin performing so wacky in essentially the most hilarious methods, that one of the simplest ways to deal with it is to take a digital camera and seize it. Similar to these Reddit customers, who caught their pups at the best moments of pure derpiness.

1. Meet Loki. He likes to people watch.

2. Doug has more leg than he knows what to do with…

3. Sleeping beauty

4. How the walk started vs How it’s going

5. This happens every time we make an apple pie

6. This hoarder’s stash of toys under my bed

7. Like from the cutest horror movie

8. Rate my ostrich…

9. Finally caught it!

10. Enjoy this slideshow of Dexter, who doesn’t understand his legs

11. Dog assembly instructions were unclear

12. Draw me like one of your French girls.

13. After 3 hours at the dog park

14. My dog sits weird. Here’s one of his silliest sits

15. Shiba.exe has stopped working
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