15 Images That Will Make You Smile All Day

Looking at cute images is a tried-and-true way to make yourself feel better or smile. These little bundles of joy are always happy to make you feel cozy in your heart, whether it's a kitten giving you the biggest grin or a puppy leaning its little head on a shoe.

We don't want you to lose out on the experience, so we've compiled a collection of 15 images that we hope will enchant you as much as they did us!

Met a scary guard dog on my walk today.

A baby woodpecker landed on my arm!

Say hello to Blu

My dad meeting his first granddogger

My brother's dog - I swear he looks like a cartoon dog sometimes.

My little floofer got an A+ on his report card at the groomer today.

An alpac-aww!

One of my friend's donkeys enjoying the sun.

A friend of mine sent me this photo of her trying to read :)

2 and a half pups

This teeny-tiny furball is the size of a cake!

 Cuddles for the most adorable fluff ball!

Happy pig cuddling with mom after eating some pumpkin

I don’t know who is happier that Henry is coming home after a few days in the hospital - Henry or Henry’s mom. Might be a tie!

The little cutie who keeps warm with me

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