15+ animals that were homeless not long ago and now have a loving family

Thousands of stray animals are searching for their owners all over the world. And, as the heroes of our story demonstrate, love and caring will work wonders even in the most hopeless of circumstances. We're not trying to persuade you to run to the nearest shelter. Just look at the joy on our rescued brothers' faces.

1. “They found him in the midst of the summer heat, his body was dehydrated. Initially it was not planned to leave, but after a few years I cannot imagine life without him "

2. “My Tom. This is how he looked the day I found him. But 18 months later. He grew up into a very handsome boy. "

3. “I took a risk and took this boy to rehab instead of letting him be put to sleep. One of the best decisions in my life "

4. “Found in the parking lot 4.5 months ago. Now her life is much better. "

5. “I accept congratulations on the anniversary of the 'adoption' of Philip! I am so proud of how far he has come! "

6. “10 months ago I found this abandoned, hungry little guy. Now he is a spoiled little prince. "

7. “Photo of the day I found him scared and alone, hiding under my car. And this is now "

8. "I found him skinny and sick ... Now, 2 years later, look at this gorgeous handsome man."

9. “2 weeks ago I took a boy with the saddest face from a nearby shelter. During this time, he really became attached to me "

10. "I heard crying in the backyard and we found her."

11. “He ran in front of my sister's car until she picked it up. After 2 years he turned into a gigantic handsome man. "

12. It's amazing what changes happened in just 3 weeks

13. “She went to the door of the building where I work. Now she's plump and happy. "

14. “Yesterday was the day of our dog Lupa. This is how she has changed in a year of living in a good family! "

15. How it began and how things are now

16. “My friend 'adopted' a stray cat 2 months ago. And here she is now "

17. These criminals were detained on April 10. They are currently serving life sentences

18. “My baby Patrick grew up quickly. He was very small when we found him. Now he is my big 8-month-old baby. "

19. "Photo of our kitten Hemingway at the shelter and a week after I brought him home."

20. “Meet Penny and Romeo, two street dogs. In 5 months after that, they became the happiest and most beloved pets in the world. "

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