13 photos that will give a visual answer to the question from the series "what will happen if ..."

Sometimes people unexpectedly become witnesses of a random experiment. So one of the heroes of our article found out what is inside the anti-stress ball. And the other saw what would become of garlic if pickled. The third one left a bowl with a small amount of saltwater overnight, and by morning discovered that it had evaporated and salt crystals had formed at the bottom.

We have already found answers to questions from the series "what will happen if ..." several times. Here are 18 more new photos on the same topic.

1. I polished an antique tipping tea kettle

2. I left some plastic utensils in my car

3. A hornets’ nest inside a chimney.

4. This fly that got stuck in this roll of tape during production.

5. Poured my Coke into a Frozen Glass

6. My ID left an impression of my ID pic on my badge holder

7. The imprint of me laying face down in the snow looks like it’s actually popping out from the snow.

8. My son's hand after insisting to stay in the bath for an hour

9. Static electricity causing my boy's hair to stand up.

10. I cleaned my dad's 30-year-old leather chair

11. The ink was not dry when I put the disc into a drive and that happened.

12. Turns Out... Garlic Turns Blue when Pickled!

13. What happens when you accidentally cross a warty pumpkin with a watermelon.

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