13 People who spat on the foundations of society and fell in love with their gray hair

"When gray hair emerges, the thirst for life starts to fade," says a Mexican proverb, but the protagonists of our story completely contradict this. It is now trendy to be normal, which is extremely appealing.

We respect men and women who embrace themselves as they are, and even the article's author chose not to cover up his gray hair.

1. "Be your own reason to smile" 

2. "After 14 years of painting the roots, I have not removed gray hair for 2 years already."

3. Gray hair on curly hair looks great

4. What beautiful waves!

5. Boldly

6. "Meet my hair"

7. "I'm in love with my curls"

8. "I am very glad that I stopped dyeing my hair"

9. Who said that youth and gray hair do not go together?

10. 55 weeks without hair dye

11. Hi spring!

12. "Having abandoned the preconceived notions of society about aging and gray hair, I welcome old age with gratitude and do not look back."

13. Incredible charm
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