12 Truly Beneficial Inventions That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

The fact that the items we use on a regular basis are organized in a specific way and serve a specific purpose. For example, a suitcase that weighs itself, a "Pets" button on an elevator in a high-end residential building, and a soup bowl that also holds crackers.

On the Internet, we discovered some useful inventions that will make life much easier.

1. Not sure if this qualifies, but I made a box that unfolds into a chair (OC)

2. A Suitcase that can measure its own weight

3. Hopefully the designer of the new metro train got an award for solving a butt problem.

4. built me a Lil smart mirror

5. Crosswalk projected on a dirty winter road

6. “Pets” button on a high-end residential building elevator in Tokyo

7. This soup bowl also holds crackers.

8. “My desk fan also has a clock.”

9. Tap in the middle, driers on each side.

10. Toothbrush with replaceable bristles so you don’t have to keep buying a new handle

11. “My wife gave me a magnet bracelet for holding on to screws as I fix things.”

12. These Chick-Fil-A workers are wearing heated weather pods in the rain

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