10 Cat Photos That Prove We'll Never Really Understand Them

You can read as many books as you want, but you'll never understand the almighty cat reasoning. Felines march to the sound of their own drums, and all we can do as petty humans is watch and ponder what is going through their minds.

Owners are posting pictures of their cats captured in the act, and we've chosen the 10 best for our readers.
1. “My cat got herself a new boyfriend, Mr. Snake.”

2. “My Aunt made a couch for my cat.”

3. “This is my cat Jeffrey and this is his favorite hangout spot.”

4. “I think my cat is broken.”

5. This cat likes to stand and shower.

6. Nothing to see here, folks.

7. We don’t know what this cat is going through, but we can relate.

8. “She likes to pretend she’s a bowling pin.”

9. Don’t know if the owners should call a vet or an exorcist.

10. “Found him like this when I went to check why he was calling me.”
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